Edward Thomson

Goodbye, Microsoft

December 3, 2015

Six years ago, Microsoft bought the tiny company that I worked for and moved five of us out of a cornfield in Central Illinois and into the largest software company in the world. In that time, I've done some unlikely things like hack on obscure Unix systems, write a bunch of GPL-licensed code and helped bring distributed version control into Microsoft.

But after six years, I've decided that it's time for a change. Yesterday was my last day at Microsoft, and I'll be starting a new position at GitHub in the new year.

Microsoft was great fun and I learned so much. I worked with so many great people and I'm sad to be leaving. But I'm also very happy that my friends and family will stop asking me why they can't run their old games on Windows 10 and what kind of monsters are we? And, of course, I'm also nervously excited for the next chapter in my career.