Edward Thomson


I'm a software developer who works on version control tools at Microsoft in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I work on the Git repository management functionality in Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server, as well as a number of open source projects like libgit2 and Infinity.NET.

Blog: Setting Files Executable in Git on Windows

June 9, 2015    11:36 AM

Sometimes you need to check an executable into your Git repository and – even though Windows doesn’t really have a concept of an “executable bit” – you might need to set it executable for the other platforms.

For example, a handful of my native code projects use the very clever clar project for unit testing. Clar uses a Python script to introspect your unit tests for the actual test functions and generate the harness. It’s handy if this generator is executable on Unix boxes and – thankfully – Git will let you set it executable even on a Windows box.