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Creating Mac Disk Images (DMG) with VSTS Build Agents
December 15, 2017  •  9:02 PM

I like to pretend that for most of my career, I've only worked on Unix platforms. But that's not exactly true; in fact, I've spent most of my time building cross-platform applications. But I pretend because writing cross-platform applications is hard. And writing cross-platform UI applications is especially hard. So it's exciting to be able to use Electron to be able to easily create cross-platform UI.

Teamprise for TextMate
May 25, 2006  •  3:50 PM
Teamprise and Microsoft Team Foundation Server users can now access their source code control directly from the TextMate editor.
Teamprise on Intel OS X
April 11, 2006  •  5:21 PM

While Teamprise officially supports Mac OS X (PPC), it will come as a disappointment to the rest of the mac zealots out there that the Teamprise Client Suite is not officially supported in OS X for x86. If I were reading about a product release in April 2006, and it included OS X PPC support but no OS X Intel support, I'd start wondering. After all, it's April 2006! Apple's shipping three machines with Intel chips, and the developer box has been available for nearly a year! Apple says making Universal applications is trivial, you just check another box in XCode! So why no Intel support?